Looking For The Best Classic and Collector Car Insurance

Dec 06, 2022 By Triston Martin

Standard auto insurance policies do not provide adequate protection for historic vehicles. In contrast to most automobiles, a vintage or collector car gains in value as time passes. The agreed value of your classic automobile serves as the basis for your policy's coverage limit.

You'll also often get collision and comprehensive coverage with a vintage vehicle policy, which protects your automobile from practically any harm on or off the road.

The finest classic car insurance providers provides the best classic car insurance and specialized policies tailored to the needs of historic vehicles, such as agreed value, and unlimited yearly miles. The type of classic automobile you own and the frequency you drive it will determine the best policy for you to purchase.

Top Insurers For Antique and Classic Automobiles

Who offers the best classic car insurance ?When shopping for classic automobile insurance, fewer firms may be willing to cover your vehicle. Best classic car insurance companies like Geico, Progressive, and USAA partner with vintage vehicle specialists to underwrite coverage, but they are among the few major brands that offer classic car insurance directly.

Our team of specialists has reviewed the market's leading vintage car insurers and ranked their services based on various criteria, including policy protections, deductibles, maximum annual miles are driven, and types of vehicles insured.

American Modern

Compared to the industry norm of $500 supplied by most firms, American Modern's standard spare parts coverage of $2,000. This reward ensures you for theft or damage of spare components. An inflation guard is a feature that automatically raises your coverage limit under the growth in your vehicle's market value.

Collectors who put a lot of miles on their historic automobiles may appreciate American Modern's range of customizable mileage options, which includes an unlimited mileage option.

American Modern is one of the few insurers covering a wide variety of non-standard historic cars, such as fire engines or decommissioned military Jeep.


You may choose between Safeco's standard policy, which allows you to drive up to 10,000 miles per year, and their restricted policy, which limits annual travel to only 5,000 miles for your antique automobile.

Regular use of your 1968 Ford Mustang for daily transportation or long road trips will allow you to travel up to 27 miles per day on average with no extra limitations. Safeco's limits are the plan's primary drawback.


Only three of the many businesses we contacted provide insurance for automobiles in various stages of restoration, and Hagerty is one of those three. Hagerty's $750 replacement parts coverage has no maximum mileage and is more generous than what is often offered by other insurers.

Progressive offers classic automobile insurance, and, as Hagerty is one of their underwriters, you may be eligible for a discount if you get both policies from them.

Classic automobile owners can also make use of Hagerty's other features. Concierge, Hagerty's in-house parts experts, can assist you in locating suitable replacements for damaged or lost components. Joining the Hagerty Drivers Club will provide you with savings on auto parts, rental cars, shuttle services, and round-the-clock roadside help.

Which Classic Automobile Insurance Is Best?

Finding the right historic vehicle insurance for you requires thinking about the make and model of your classic automobile, the level of coverage you'll need, and any discounts you may qualify for. If you're working on a classic Fiat in your garage, you could need more extensive coverage for replacement components.

For example, if you drive a rare Porsche to weekly car exhibits in your area, you should increase your car's yearly mileage limit and inflation protection. These are some of the most often encountered characteristics:


Suppose you want to save money on car insurance. In that case, it's a good idea to find a company that offers discounts for things like bundling policies, insuring multiple cars or a collection of cars, having a high-end vehicle, parking the vehicle in a garage, installing safety features, joining a drivers' association, and having a clean driving record.

Flexible Deductible

You can lower your monthly payments on a car you want to self-insure by opting for a higher deductible from a company like American Modern, which offers up to $10,000. Some insurers, like Grundy, provide plans with zero deductibles, meaning that policyholders will bear no out-of-pocket expenses for covered damages.

Guard Against Inflation.

As the value of your vehicle rises, so will your coverage amounts, usually by 4% to 6% every year. American Collectors, American Modern, and Grundy provide this advantage.

Replacement Parts

This benefit is especially helpful for collector automobile models that use uncommon or hard-to-find components. Most businesses provide $500 or fewer benefits, with Hagerty providing $750 and American Modern providing a whopping $2,000.

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